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Georgia Tech Football Practice Notes and Quotes 8/16

ATLANTA- Mother Nature was again kind to the Georgia Tech football team on Tuesday as Fall Camp 2022 continued on Rose Bowl Field in the morning. Cooler than normal temperatures and the presence of the ACC Network led to an exciting session in full pads. The ACC Network was in town filming their Campus Takeover segment including interviewing head coach Geoff Collins and players like quarterback Jeff Sims during practice for brief segments as well as documenting the day.

After practice, all attention turned to the defensive backs as assistant coach Travares Tillman spoke about his group along with a trio of his current players, Derrik Allen, Kaleb Edwards, and Kenan Johnson.

Communication has been a buzzword for this group since the move was made to bring Tillman in to replace two separate defensive back coaches. Tillman said that communication is something they have to work on every day in practice to play as a unit.

"I think they're doing a really good job so far," Tillman said of the communication and progress of his defensive backs. "There's always work to do. But I think we are. We're ahead of schedule. I think we are a schedule where we are, but like I said, we still got some work to do and I'm just trying to piece that secondary together so I'm still working on that."

Tech cornerbacks during individual drills on Tuesday
Tech cornerbacks during individual drills on Tuesday (Kelly Quinlan/JOL)

Errors in adjusting to motion and reads leading up to the snap and how that impacts coverage assignments is one aspect of that communication that Tillman says needed to be addressed.

"The pre-snap communication is good, it is when things start moving there are some guys who can handle that and some guys that we are constantly working on that in the film room and doing little walkthroughs so when those people start moving and we have to make changes we can take care of that stuff," he said. "Recognizing what is going on and getting it from one side to the other of the field. Getting it to the corners, you have to be more vocal, but I will say it is coming though it is a work in progress. I'm confident we will work out all of those kinks."