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Fortner updates the state of GT women's basketball

Heading into her 2nd season as the women’s basketball head coach, Nell Fortner spoke to the press about the state of the program and where they stand as of this week heading into the upcoming season. As we are all aware, Covid-19 still plays a part in protocols and safety measures for student athletes and precautions are obviously being taken by the women’s basketball program to ensure their safety.

Coach Fortner at the ACC Tournament last year
Coach Fortner at the ACC Tournament last year (Jim Dedmon/USAToday)


● Coach Fortner began by stating they have five returning players from last year's team, four freshmen, a sophomore transfer, and a walk-on for a total of 11 rostered players as two players have decided to opt-out of this next season. She acknowledges the importance of player safety during the practices and expressed her excitement of the new recruiting class that ranked inside of the top-10 this past offseason.

● The two players who opted out are junior guard Kondalia Montgomery and RS freshman forward/center Ronni Nwora. Fortner said that she completely respects their decisions as the players are deciding what’s best for them in this situation. Fortner states, “it’s the diligence of staying safe, wearing your mask, washing your hands, social distance, and don’t go to parties, you just can’t do it! You’re taking care of everybody when you take care of yourself in that way.”

● Another challenge Fortner addressed was losing last year’s star senior guard Fracesca Pan. Fortner stated that Pan was “versatile” and they are working every day to fill in that now missing piece.

● When asked about the comfortability heading into her 2nd year as Head Coach Fortner states,” the natural resources, when it comes to people, here at Georgia Tech, is outstanding. It has ‘over delivered’... Everybody is willing to step up to the plate and do what’s best for the program.”

● When questioned about the potential of this team, coming off of a great year where Fronter had the Yellow Jackets as a bubble team for the NCAA Women’s tournament, she states that the ‘experience and leadership’ is still great only after losing Pan from last season and that the ‘hunger’ is extreme and that these players want to experience the NCAA tournament and want to get to the throne of women’s college basketball.

The Yellow Jackets finished last season (21-10) overall and (10-8) in ACC play. This includes four wins over ranked teams including a then-ranked #4 NC State squad. Expectations are high for this season and the Nell Fortner train is rolling high. Despite the unprecedented times of Covid-19 and its impact on the sports world, Coach Fortner seems willing to take the challenge head on and progress the state of women’s basketball forward here at Georgia Tech. The future seems very bright with Coach Nell Fortner in charge.