Jones, Momentum a Key for GT

Senior A-back Roddy Jones has seen a lot of wins and fewer losses during his time at Georgia Tech. Heading into this week's game against Kansas, Jones and company have an opportunity to exact a little revenge for the team that arguably killed all the momentum in a wash of big plays in Lawrence, Kan.
"I think this game against Kansas is very important and it isn't all about revenge. That game last year left a bad taste in our mouth from last year, but to get to where we want to go this year we need to win," Jones said.
Head Coach Paul Johnson has been reminding the team throughout the week of what happened last year when the Jayhawks defeated 28-25. Kansas went on to win two other games in 2010 while the Jackets struggled in the final five contests ending up with a 6-7 mark. During his weekly press conference, Johnson blithely mentioned that his lingering memory of that game was Jordan Webb taking a knee to kill the clock.
"When I think about the Kansas game the thing I remember is them in the victory formation at the end of the game," Johnson said Tuesday.
For Jones who has 63 yards rushing on six carries and one pass reception of 26 yards for a touchdown, the Kansas game is merely a step toward the Jackets' goal of playing for another ACC Championship.
"Coach Johnson always says this is the most important game of the season because it is the next game and that is always true. We have to beat Kansas because they are next on our schedule," Jones said.
After scoring an astonishing 112 points in two games, Jones says the offense is playing as well as he has seen since Coach Johnson came to Atlanta in 2008.
"We've had a couple of pretty good drives and it is hard to pick any other drives since we have been here that we have performed better in terms of a single drive than what we did last week to Middle Tennessee," Jones said. "We had that 98-yard drive and then two one-play drives, so that is about as good as you can ask for. I don't think they get much better than that and we need to keep that going this week."
Two of Jones' fellow A-backs Orwin Smith against Western Carolina and Tony Zenon against Middle Tennessee State scored on 70-plus yard plays. Jones is waiting for his turn to be the big play A-back. After a 214 yard and two touchdowns against Georgia in 2008, Jones is still waiting to eclipse the century mark again in rushing. Perhaps the Kansas game will be his breakout performance.