JacketsOnline - Early Enrollee Entrance Interview: Joshua Robinson
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Early Enrollee Entrance Interview: Joshua Robinson

Prior to moving onto the Georgia Tech campus earlier this month, the early signees spent some time with the JOL staff. The signees participated in one last "recruitment" interview, in an effort to allow the Georgia Tech fanbase to get to know their future players a little bit better.

We start out this segment on JOL with Douglas County's Joshua Robinson, a defensive end that chose the Yellow Jackets over several other offers, including schools like Vanderbilt, Stanford and Notre Dame, among others.

RJ: Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

JR: Atlanta Cafe

RJ: How far from Home will you be?

JR: I'm only going to be about 20 minutes away. If I need anything after moving in, I can just come back and get it

RJ: Favorite part about Georgia Tech's campus?

JR: The weight rooms we have in the dorm. I think that's pretty cool, I'm excited about having that

RJ: Who would you say came in second place in your recruitment?

JR: Vanderbilt

RJ: Favorite College Visit other than GT that you went on?

JR: The Florida visit was pretty nice

RJ: What was it in the end that made Georgia Tech the place for you?

JR: The education, the future I see this program having, and the relationships with the coaches

RJ: Most recent height and weight?

JR: 6-foot-4, 238 pounds

RJ: Where will you start out positionally when you get there?

JR: Defensive end. Once I get down there I plan to put on some more weight

RJ: What players/schools are you most looking forward to lining up against?

JR: Mainly my boy Jon (Jefferson) and Georgia.

RJ: What song or artist are you listening to before games to get hype?

JR: NBA YoungBoy. Every time

RJ: Celebrity Crush?

JR: Jordyn Woods

RJ: Favorite TV Show?

JR: Power

RJ: One thing you learned in your recruitment that you would share with other recruits?

JR: Focus on the schools that want you the most, not the ones that you want to want you the most

RJ: Three words that best describe you as a person?

JR: Chill, funny, relaxed

RJ: Expectations for your freshman season?

JR: Get into the rotation and learn the plays

RJ: How would you describe your playing style to someone who has never seen you play?

JR: I'm a pass-rusher, I get familiar with the quarterback early and often, and I can also stop the run a little bit too. I'm always around the ball, trying to make the play before someone else does