JacketsOnline - Devoe talks about his plans for the future
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Devoe talks about his plans for the future

Georgia Tech combo guard Mike Devoe spoke to the media on Thursday about his future. The junior has submitted his information to the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee to get feedback on what he needs to work on with his game and where he would end up in the NBA Draft if at all.

Devoe met with Tech head coach Josh Pastner on Wednesday and they came up with that plan.

"(Sending in his info) is the plan that I discussed with coach (Pastner) yesterday we had a meeting and just want to get that feedback, see what see the things that they're talking about, and go from there. So definitely getting the feedback," Devoe said.

With Bubba Parham announcing his intentions to return for another senior year, Devoe said the remaining three seniors Jose Alvarado, Jordan Usher, and Moses Wright's decisions will have some impact on what he decides to do as well.

"I think it's a little bit of both," Devoe said on how their decision would impact him. "I would definitely love to run it back with the guys come back for a senior year and do some extremely incredible things. But it just all depends. I mean, every guy, every guy has their own path. Every guy has their own decision that they got to make. So we're just taking it literally day by day. Every guy's taking it day by day, we're not rushing anything right now. So but the main thing for everybody I would think is just getting better. And that's our main focus."

It will take two to three weeks to receive that feedback, but Devoe said he would rather return to Tech than going into the second round or heading to the G-league or overseas.

"I definitely don't want to take that route. It's a tough route to go to. I have no problem going back to school finishing my degree," he said. "I mean, it's all positive things that would happen if I come back to school. So the thing is about is just the NBA has always been a lifetime dream for me. So just to get that opportunity, if it is available for me. But if it's that route to G league and developmental leagues, all that type of stuff, man, I rather just come back for another year and develop and get that degree."

Devoe averaged 15 points per game this past season shooting 40-percent from three with a career-high in steals and rebounds per game.