The Unsung Hero

While Joshua Nesbitt, Anthony Allen and even Roddy Jones got lots of attention after Saturday's win over North Carolina, Georgia Tech sophomore right guard Omoregie Uzzi may have been the offensive MVP. Uzzi was all over the field on every big play the Yellow Jackets had including often-throwing blocks 20 or 30 yards down field. As arguably the best offensive lineman on the team, Uzzi has a unique few on how the season has gone so far.
"It has been pretty cool this year. I would have liked for things to start off a little better with a win in Kansas, but overall it has been pretty good," Uzzi said. "I feel like we have a very promising future with this team."
Despite being only a sophomore and a first-year starter, Uzzi commands the respect of younger and older players with his play. He might not be a vocal leader, but his play seems to set the standard Tech wants for their other offensive linemen.

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"I always try to set a good example of the other offensive linemen, but I think it is a whole team effort and the fact we all wanted to win that last game," he said. "We all played with some extra effort on Saturday."
The toughest part of Tech games for offensive linemen is the favorite part of the game for everyone else on the team, Tech's Death March down the field. On Saturday, Tech had a drive that was 22 plays long killing 10:32 off the clock heading into halftime. That drive was largely spearheaded by key blocks from the offensive line.
"Those drives are very taxing as an offensive lineman, but it is all worth it when you get the win," Uzzi said. "I think we need to take each game one at a time and every game is different, basically we find out what we need to do then run it out to get the win
"Mentally I am ready for another game and ready to play N.C. State. They are a very good football team and they are 3-0. I have the upmost respect for their team. I think they will do big things this year and we are focused on that game and getting another win," Uzzi said.