Quick Hits: Stephen Hill

Wide receiver Stephen Hill was not satisfied with his sophomore year performance. "I just felt like I was trying to do too much last year I was going out there and running like my head was on fire"
To ensure his junior season was not a repeat of his sophomore campaign Hill took time this off-season to meet and get advice from former Tech stand out Calvin Johnson. "Calvin said you have to go get the ball and as a receiver that is what I am starting to do well. I am calmer and collected this year, I'm making sure I'm reading the coverages and hearing the plays when I am in the huddle"
Along with making himself, a better receiver Hill now has the responsibility of teaching the younger receivers Coach Johnson's offensive system. "We make sure we teach them the right things," said Hill "We all want to win. We aren't trying to single each other out we are making sure they get in the film room to get better"

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Getting better is exactly what Hill and the other receivers have been doing during camp "Of course we all get winded but I speak to myself and pump myself up and we actually all do that as a team to make sure we stay up and focused"