Derrick Morgan QA

Defensive End Derrick Morgan did everything that he could to stop the Bulldogs, but his effectiveness was greatly diminished with Georgia's success running the ball up the middle of the field. His strong suit is rushing the quarterback, yet Georgia only attempted a pass on 14 out of 58 total offensive plays. Jacketsonline caught up with Morgan to get his take on how the game transpired.
What happened on defense?
"It just comes down to not executing. We'll have to come in on Monday and look at the tape to see what went wrong. We will correct it because it's on to Clemson now and time to get that ring."
The defense needed to get one big stop, but that never happened today.
"Yeah it was real disappointing because we always preach that you've got to stop the run first and then take care of the pass. We didn't do the first thing so they kept running the ball on us."
Was there any negative momentum during the game?
"No, it just came down to missed assignments and people not being in the right gaps. People weren't accountable for their responsibilities on the defensive call. That's what it came down to and we are going to get it fixed on Monday and come out with a better game plan next week."
What is accountability?
"Accountability means that everybody has a job to do on the defense from the strong safety to the defensive tackle. When everybody executes, the defense works. Really it just comes down to people being accountable for what they are assigned to do."
Did you feel like they were running away from you for most of the game?
"Not necessarily. They were knifing us right through the A and B gaps. I did what I could and played my heart out. We just came up short."
How did the loss of Ben Anderson impact the defense?
"We are already limited along the defensive line. Ben is a great player and it's sad to see him go, but it's up to the next guy to step up and fill in the gap."
Is this added motivation for next week?
"Yeah we definitely don't want to lose next week. This was a wake up call that just happened on the wrong week. But it had to happen and we are going to go out next week and execute and take care of business."