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Attaochu becomes a leader

In the blink of an eye, Georgia Tech linebacker Jeremiah Attaochu went from a freshman spot player into the most experienced linebacker on the team. The rising junior has gone from wide-eyed freshman to veteran leader for the young Jackets linebacker corps.
"It was a process and I am here now and I think I have adjusted pretty well. I am embracing the role of being the older player on the team and trying to lead by example and do everything right," Attaochu said. "I'm not perfect and I don't act like I am in front of the younger guys. When I came in I was clueless like they were and I made a lot of mistakes, but I want to help them as much as I can."
After playing a full season at outside linebacker playing most of all of Tech's 13 games, Attaochu is still working on preparing himself physically for the grind of that type of schedule and the amount of snaps he is playing.
"You can be stronger and faster, but mostly what I have been working on is technique. I have been watching a lot of film with Coach Groh and asking him a lot of questions trying to put in time to get better as a player so I can help the team more," he said. "I have been working on coming off the ball better and I have been taking a lot of mental reps so I can see something on film and then do that on the field. Physically I feel like I can get better and build more stamina this summer. Right now I am 238 pounds, I played last season at 235, this summer I plan to get to 245 and play at that weight next season."
Looking ahead Attaochu says two of the Jackets young linebackers, Jabari Hunt-Days at inside linebacker and Tyler Marcordes at outside linebacker are ready for bigger roles going forward.
"Jabari has caught every one of our eyes. He has been hitting people hard," Attaochu said. "We expected that from Jabari and he is doing pretty well. Tyler Marcordes is doing pretty well too. He is really good at coming off the ball. I have caught flashes of him doing well a couple of times."
Attaochu was the Jackets' third leading tackler last season and led the team with six sacks.