March 26, 2013

Ohio TE gets Spartan offer

This past week tight end Ethan Wolf of Minster High School traveled to East Lansing to check out the Michigan State Spartans. While on campus he got some good news from head Coach Mark Dantonio. spoke with the outstanding prospect last night about his recruitment.

The past few weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind for Wolf. The 6-foot-, 2450-pound prospect has seen his scholarship count expand greatly. Michigan State has been in frequent contact with him throughout the process and last week they decide to pull the trigger and make Wolf the first tight end they have offered for 2014. We asked Wolf about his time on campus and receiving his 19th scholarship offer.

"Being offered by Michigan State was a tremendous honor because Coach Dantonio and the Michigan State program is a very respected, quality university both athletically and academically," Wolf stated. "Coach Dantonio informed me of the offer at the conclusion of our initial meeting. He stated that the tight end position is of great importance and that they need someone that can both set the edge and also be effective in the passing game. He said that finding someone that can do both and do both effectively is very difficult and that he sees me excelling at the position. Coach Dantonio and Coach Bollman have been in the business for a long time and to be their top target is really humbling."

The Spartans are very selective as far as the tight end position. The Midwest has numerous prospects that can catch the ball well or block well, but finding someone who can excel at both aspects is not easy. The fact under Mark Dantonio the Spartans have had 4 (including Dion Sims) make it to the National Football League is testament to the staff's evaluation and player development.

Wolf has been very proactive in his recruitment and has worked hard to visit as many schools as possible. We asked him if he has any visits planned to any other schools and if he has a time-table as far as when he would like to make your decision.

"Being a 3 sport athlete it has been difficult at times to get in as many visits as I would like," Wolf indicated. "At one time or another I have been to 11 of the 19 schools that have offered and I feel I know what I am looking for. All the schools I have visited have quality educational programs so I am unable to make much separation there. All the schools have marvelous facilities and support systems. My decision will be based heavily on how they use the tight end, the coaches and how they have recruited me throughout the process, and lastly just a "gut feeling" of where I will fit in and be the happiest. Tradition, the ability to play for championships, and location will also play a part, but secondary to the others. I will be making an early decision so that I can be a positive voice for my school. No doubt I want to be at a school that wants me and that I am a priority."

One of the things that Wolf has enjoyed is the recruiting process itself. The chance to visits so many schools and meet so many differ coaches is something he has enjoyed. He spoke about the process itself and ultimately choosing a school.

"The best part of recruiting is definitely the opportunity to meet new people and to sit down with some of the best football minds in the business," he said. "My final decision will be very difficult because there are so many wonderful people in this business. It is crazy at times, but most things worth it are." will continue to keep in contact with Wolf in the coming months. Being the only tight end on the board with a scholarship offer is significant. You can be sure the Michigan State Staff will be keeping in regular contact with Wolf and visit him during the spring evaluation period.

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