December 7, 2012

'Like a roller-coaster ride'

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. - Most people have been on a roller-coaster at least once.

It is series of upward and downward turns twists involved, and that is the exact comparison that Goose Creek (Goose Creek, S.C.) athlete Tramel Terry placed on his recruitment Friday when the Georgia commitment, who can't sign his official letter of intent until he reaches campus as a student, signed his UGA scholarship and financial aid papers at a ceremony at his high school on Friday.

"The process was like a roller-coaster ride," said Terry. "I mean, one minute I'm feeling one school, one minute I'm feeling another school, because it is really hard. This is my first decision as a man and I wanted to make it right. I over think things and make sure I have it right so it was really tough for me. Having everybody ask me what school I was going to, and I'm the type of guy that wants to make everybody happy, but I had to realize I can't, so I had to do what's best for me."

The reason Terry used that comparison is because he originally committed to Georgia at Dawg Night before the start of his junior year, and decommitted shortly into the season just a few months later.

The four-star playmaker came back for a couple of officials in the spring before deciding again that he would commit to Georgia once more, but that still wasn't the end of it.

After numerous trips to South Carolina, Clemson became the Bulldogs' main competition, and Terry has specific reasons as to why the Tigers made such a push for his services.

"It was the simple fact that I'd have to be crazy not to look at Clemson. They're losing (Andre) Ellington, and I fit perfectly in their offense. That's why I as kind of looking at them," he said. "Then my relationship that I've got with Coach (Tony) Elliot is like a father/son type of bond. We talked and he's happy I'm going to Georgia, like, he is just happy for me. I wanted a type of guy like that around me, and that's why it was hard for me. But I had to do what is best for me. I feel like Georgia was home. I have my teammates. The class I'm coming in with, we are really close, and we've already been talking about how we want to play together. I've always been a Georgia fan, so I had to follow my heart."

Growing up cheering for the Bulldogs and feeling at home on the UGA campus played a huge role in his decision to stick with Georgia, but Terry also spent a lot of time thinking about what would happen to his future teammates if he decided to flip to Clemson.

"I definitely didn't want to leave those guys hanging. I mean, that wasn't the final say so, but I did think about that a lot," he said. "We'd been talking about how we wanted to play together, and the bond, you just can't take that away. I didn't really have that at Clemson. I had bonds with like the senior football players, but the class I'm coming in with (at Georgia), we are like brothers."

Another commitment that seems to have been wavering in recent weeks is Sandy Creek cornerback Shaquille Wiggins, and he and Terry spoke about the ups and downs of the recruiting process in a phone conversation.

According to Terry, having a friend to share the recruiting process can often be a huge benefit.

"I was just talking to Shaq because, I mean, people don't really understand, people that have never been really recruited don't understand what we go through," said Terry. "Shaq was going through what I went through, and I was just there for him. We had like an hour conversation talking about recruiting and how he should handle it. I think he is going to handle it well. He feels really good and I think he is sticking with Georgia 100 percent and I'm just glad he is one of my best friends."

Terry will be enrolling at Georgia in January, and while he expects big things of himself, his goals are straightforward and simple for when he reaches campus.

"Really, I just want to represent the Low Country and be the best I can be; be a role model. That's the biggest thing," he said. "Without my hometown support, I couldn't be anything. Hopefully they've got my back and I got theirs."

Terry wasn't at all shy in admitting that the Clemson offense was a great fit for him, but how does Georgia plan on using the Palmetto State play-maker?

According to Terry, he will be used in a variety of roles at UGA.

"They are thinking of using me like a Percy Harvin type of guy at Georgia," said Terry. "They've got Malcolm Mitchell and Chris Conley, but they don't have that one guy like last year they used to have Brandon Boykin and Branden Smith in the offense when they were basically defensive players. So they didn't have that special type of guy that could run the jet sweeps and line up at running back, so I think that is what they are going to look at me as."

When the Goose Creek standout committed to Georgia, there was some talk about how he could play some defense, but he says that is something that won't come until later.

"Most definitely," said Terry when asked if he could see himself playing defense at Georgia. "Eventually. But right now I'm just going to focus on offense and learn what I can and I think that when I learn, I'll be able to play."

When it comes to the twists and turns that all but defined his recruitment, Terry has a message for Bulldog Nation.

"I just want to tell Georgia fans that I'm sorry for the roller-coaster ride," said Terry. "I mean, it was tough, but I stuck with y'all, and Go Dawgs!"

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