December 7, 2012 National Analysts say McLean is the real deal

As you know, there are tons of prospects that fall under the radar for various reasons (e.g., injured as a junior, no highlights, late bloomer, weak opponents, etc.)

That being said, the football recruiting analysts recently had their rankings meetings for 2013 prospects to re-evaluate or evaluate prospects.

Needless to say, there will be changes in new Rivals100 and new Rivals250 for 2013, along with four stars prospects outside the 250 2013 and new position rankings 2013. 

All new three stars prospects' status will be upgraded accordingly on Thursday with the new positions rankings.

As such, defensive end and Army commit, Andrew McLean has seen his status jump (3-stars) as a direct result of the aforementioned (re) assessment.

The Louisville (Colo.) Broomfield High School defensive end now joins OL, Patrick Joseph as Army's second 3-star prospect as part of the Black Knights' 2013 recruiting class. had an opportunity to chat with the Army commit, who is still flying high regarding his pledge to the Black Knights, despite coming off a disappointing 2012 season.

"Not a great season by Army, but that doesn't change anything at all for me," confesses McLean. "I'm still thrilled to get the opportunity to go there play football and one day serve my country. I'm looking forward to taking it to the other teams every game and playing along other good athletes that we have and will have coming in. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, more wins if we keep getting good kids into the program."

Like many Army prospects, the 3-star defensive end will be on hand Saturday for the 113th showdown between the Black Knights and the Midshipmen. "I will be attending the Army-Navy game ... me and mom are going," he declares. "We are going to Philadelphia next Friday and we are staying the weekend."


Of course, McLean was hoping that his season was still in progress, but he and his teammates saw their championship hopes die early in the playoffs. "Our season ended kind of short, due to injuries and we lost in the first round of the playoffs in a game where there was 5 inches of snow on the ground ... but also a lot a missed opportunity," offers McLean who is now focusing on the next level of his football career.

"Right now I am just preparing and working on my own, not getting any extra help yet," says the 6-foot-3, 240 pounder, who is looking to add some weight by the time he makes his way East for the summer.

"They (Army coaching staff) haven't mapped out special weight for me, just because they care more about quickness off the ball and things like that than a number," he said. "Something I want to go in as is around the high 250's or low 260's just because that first six weeks Beast Barracks ... I mean a lot of people seem to loose 10-15 pounds. So definitely going in bigger would help and I would be in area that I would be comfortable with not losing 10-20 pounds and being 220 and just feeling extremely undersized."

Prep Bound

McLean was quick to point out why he feels the opportunity to get bigger, faster, stronger and acclimated to the ways of West Point via the USMAPS is to his advantage.

"Actually, I feel pretty lucky, because I've talk to a lot of kids that went to the prep school and who have played football there and who are currently playing at Army and they said it's a great deal, not just for football, but the academic help," he states. "As well as getting use to the little things with the military that definitely goes a long way for succeeding at West Point I believe."

The bounding process for the 2013 class has already begun according to McLean.

"Patrick (Joseph) and I have talked a little bit how our seasons were going and I actually saw that they won the state championship," he said. "I'm looking forward to talking to him that and congratulating him because that's a big deal."

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