February 23, 2012

North looking South?

Mallard Creek (Charlotte, N.C.) wide receiver Marquez North is about as wanted as they come right now.

The 24th ranked recruit in the Rivals100 has over 20 offers with a little under a year left until National Signing Day, and his play during his junior would explain why.

"I had 36 catches for like 1,200 yards and 16 touchdowns," said North. "I also had like 20 carries for over 400 yards and four touchdowns rushing, and five more touchdowns on kickoff returns."

After averaging over 30 yards per touch in his junior year, North was bound to get a great deal of attention during the recruiting process.

Despite the high number of offers, the Charlotte native has already been able to narrow things down a bit and focus on a smaller group of schools.

"North Carolina and N.C. State are two teams I like a lot because they are right here near home," said North. "I like Ohio State, Florida and Georgia, too."

Of the schools in North's top five, there is one school that is present for a different reason than the rest.

"I like Georgia because they are really the first school I'd ever been to," he said. "I went down for a game a couple of years ago when I was a sophomore, and it was when A.J. Green was playing. I didn't get to see much other than the game, but I really want to get down there and check things out."

While UGA stands out for North due to the fact that they were one of the first teams he saw in person, the coach who is recruiting him for the Bulldogs has also made a solid impression.

"I really like Coach T-Ball (Tony Ball)," said North. "He is a great guy. When I talk to him, I can tell that he is just a humble guy. He was telling me that he didn't play wide receiver in college, he played running back, but he likes how things are technical with the receivers and he likes teaching the position. He's also a very driven and motivated guy, and I really respect people like that."

North, who is up to 6-foot-4, 210 pounds, leaves little doubt that he has a very bright future in the game of football, but his decision on where to attend school will have more to do with what happens off the field.

"I really want a great education," said North. "I want to major in Political Science or something like that, and I just want to go to a great school. I'll be looking at the facilities and the coaches too."

While having things narrowed down to a tentative top five is nice for the time being, North also knows that the next several months will be extremely busy.

"I have a lot of trips that I need to take," said North. "I need to get in touch with Coach Ball to see when I can get down to see Georgia. I was invited to the VID (Very Important Dawg) Day, so I may make that, but I want to get out to see Ohio State and Florida soon too. North Carolina is going to visit Mallard Creek so I don't have to go see them. There will be a lot going on."